Blog #2: Nick Jr.’s “Face”- Animation For Children

Growing up, Nickelodeon was one of my favorite channels that caught my attention, especially the time in the morning and afternoon with Nick Jr.  These cartoons were targeted toward a younger audience, with simple-to-understand cartoons that children could watch.  Between each cartoon, Nickelodeon introduced a character by the name of “Face.”  A simple character, “Face” was nothing more than a cartoon face on the screen that spoke to viewers in an animated way.  The different gestures, sounds, and motions that “Face” made in such a short space on screen drew children in, and made it one of the more memorable characters in the Nick Jr. generation.

“Face” is not hard to understand or describe.  The character is straight forward with what it says, which is usually about the next upcoming cartoon or funny jokes that children can understand and laugh about.  There face of “Face” takes up the whole screen, so viewers cannot see the body, forcing the viewer to focus on just the face and the gestures it produces.  “Face” is also visually appealing; the bright colors that change according to it’s emotions keep children’s attention, as well as helps them connect colors with properties (i.e. red is mad/emotional, blue is sad, etc).  The motions are very quick too, so children stay in attention with “Face” and there is never a dull, still moment.

Example of “Face”
(Click on the link above to view “Nick Jr. Face Compilation- 1997/1998/1999”)

In various clips, “Face” makes multiple sounds and noises that reflect the noises most children hear in a fun, playful environment.  The combination of sounds and motion draw children in to the animation, thus having “Face” seem like a character that is goofy and silly.  All of these different tactics help children keep the attention, and make them remain calm as their cartoons are going through commercial breaks.  “Face” was a successful animation tool Nick Jr. created to not only to keep kids watching their programs, but also to create an iconic figure that many remember to this day.


3 responses to “Blog #2: Nick Jr.’s “Face”- Animation For Children

  1. I also remember being a little kid and turning on Nick Jr. and watching Face every afternoon. Now that I am older and looking back on it, it is really impressive that the animators of Face managed to give him so much personality, despite only showing his face. I agree that the colors definitely helped not only keep the children’s attention, but also aided in giving him personality. It really is funny to think that one of the most memorable characters from my childhood is really just a large, colorful face.

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